Big Servers
We build BIG servers for high demand applications such as databases
Small Servers
If you don't need a big server, we can build you a build you a custom server for your home or small business
Network File Servers
Want to access files such as music, pictures, videos, and documents from anywhere on your network? A Micom File Server is what you need. Call today for a free quote.
Domain Servers
Control your entire network from a domain server. User Logins, file shares, user tracking, access restrictions, and computer updating en masse all from a server running active directory.
MAC Servers
Does your network rely on Apple computers? We carry Apple Servers running MACOSX lion server. Come in for a free consultation today!
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Micom Systems Server Repair and Sales

If you're looking for a server to put on the network of your home or business, Micom Systems has what you need. A server is a computer that is always on and has advanced error prevention technology built into all the hardware. The end result is a very powerful computer or a computer that hosts programs, applications, websites, active directory, domain name (dns), and much more. When your server goes down, our highly experienced technicians can come to your home or business to bring it back up. You can also bring it to us and we'll get it going at Micom.

File Servers

Want to pull up a song, picture, video, or document from anywhere in your home or office? Want a convienent source for backing up your computers? Need an archive without clogging up your computers? A Micom File Server is just what you're looking for. An affordable solution to document management and sharing is only a phone call away.

Active Directory Domain Server

A Micom Systems active directory server will help you manage your business by managing the logins, settings, updates, and restrictions on your windows 7 professional and windows xp professional computers on your network. Call today to get an engineer that can assist you with Active Directory Domain Service (AD-DS)

Server Maintenance

If your server goes down, Micom Systems has highly trained and experienced professionals that can bring your server back up. Schedule and appointment today and get your server back up and running better than before!

Server Upgrades

Has your company outgrown the capacity of your server? Micom Systems has upgrade solutions to help you out. With two manageable upgrade options, you can't go wrong. We can upgrade the hardware of your current server or add another server to your network yousing our industry leading server load balancing techhnique.