Our desktop Computers are built with the highest quality parts and components available on the market today.
At Micom Systems, we build our desktops here in Tennessee. You never have to worry about foreign countries doing the job.
Personalized Systems
We work one-on-one with all of our clients to build computers to suit their needs!
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Micom Systems Desktop Computers

Micom Systems is proud to offer Desktop computers for you home or office at an affordable price. We build our machines with the same quality you have recievec from Micom Systems since 1996. Whether you just need a desktop to surf the internet and check your email with, or if you just need to design that new office in AutoCad 3D, we have the system for you. We feature High performance computers for gaming and high intensity applications such as Avid or Adobe. We also feature budget Desktops that can you from point a to point b with no worries. Worried about your computer going down? We have warranties on all new desktop machines that we build.

Built to your specifications

Our engineers will sit down with you and come up with the best system for you or your company. With years of experience, our engineers know just what it takes to build the system you want at the price you want. Come in for a FREE consultation at either of our stores so you can talk to a Micom Systems engineer.

We stand behind our products

Micom Systems is proud to offer warranties on all computers that we build. We want our customers to be happy every step of the way because we know that it's the customers who have gotten us this far and it's or customers that we take the most pride in. With quality parts from top manufacturers, we build our systems rock solid so you don't have to worry about them being a brick.

Microsoft Windows 7

All new computers come with Windows 7 in your choice of Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate. With the Windows that comes on your new desktop, we also have an extras pack that comes to make your windows experience better than any you've had before. Running 32 bit or legacy software? We have 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7 along with Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Just ask your engineer which of these would suit you the best.

We also do Linux

Want the power of linux put into your machine? We do that too. With popular builds of Linux such as MACOSX, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, and RedHat, we have everything you need to unlock the world of open source.